what is your meaning?

what is your meaning

Have you ever sat down and wondered what meaning you have? What is your purpose here on earth, what is the point of all your busy activity? Where does it lead, what is it for? Are you satisfied with it?

We’ve all been at that point, plagued with uncertainty. Maybe more so than ever this last year. We’ve all felt those gnawing questions. Some lucky few feel they’ve found the answers.

What are your answers, if you have any? Family. Friends. Community. Money. Job satisfaction. Making a difference. Knowledge. Pleasure and enjoyment. Faith. Eternity. Self-promotion. Fame. Expression of identity. Self-actualisation?

Or maybe, like most people, you don’t know your answer yet. We’ve all discovered recently that the things we ascribe meaning to can fall away from us so easily, anyway. Maybe this last year has thrown things wide open for you, and you’re looking for meaning somewhere new, more certain, more permanent.

Join the club.

At C3 Imagine, we’re spending a few weeks looking at just this: where we place our meaning and identity. The things we decide to build our meaning and identity upon can be so personal, yet so impactful upon our entire lives. It’s important they’re built on the right stuff.

We invite you to come and join the conversation, to seek out meaning, identity, even hope, to discover something new together.

Join one of our gatherings in a location near you in the coming weeks. Click this link to plan your visit.

31 October | 7 November | 14 November | 21 November

Amsterdam West: 10:30
Amsterdam Zuidoost: 10:00
Almere Poort: 10:30