A valuable investment into your marriage

We are all recognizing that this season of lockdown and being at home has placed pressure on marriages and made our relationships feel very familiar. Our marriages are so precious and we become such a powerful unit together when we allow the truths of God’s Word and His wisdom to shape them.

We feel it’s time to create some freshness and to spotlight some important values for you to invest in as you stay the path.

Read all about the exciting things we have planned below. There’s even a chance for you and your spouse to win a night away!

* Registrations close April 11th. Sign up before it’s too late!

What to expect

This April, we are going to host a marriage retreat on the topic of learning to understand your partner’s needs and how to communicate your own effectively. You will have several ways as to how you engage with this retreat, either by slipping away to a hotel (we highly recommend!) or staying at home but carving out special time together. If you have kids, perhaps you can borrow a live-in babysitter for a night and morning!

The retreat is a combination of zoom meetings with Ps Steve and Lizby on Friday night and Saturday morning with zoom breakout sessions, training, and guest speaker input. The rest of the time has been specially designed with reflection questions and exercises for you to work through together.

Couples who register will receive a hamper with some gifts, delivered to your house as well as an entry ticket to a contest where you can win a night away!

Program & Registration

Friday 23 April
8:00 – 9:00 pm
All Couples Zoom with Ps Steve and LizbySaturday 24 April
Leisurely breakfast as a couple with some reflection questions

10:00 – 11:00 am
All Couples Zoom with Ps Steve and Lizby

(including the hamper and entry into the contest)

* Registrations close April 11th. Sign up before it’s too late!