Parenting on the go!

Have you met a happy family whose house was always neat and tidy? No? Me neither. Parenting is done by trial and error. With a lot of trying, tweaking and adapting. Exactly at that moment that you think you understand how to do things with your first child, you discover that completely new rules apply to the second child. As a parent you think about the future of your child(ren). What do you believe for their future? Which values do you see as imperative to pass on? As a parent you not only think about these things, you have an important exemplary role in this. Children learn by imitation. What a privilege to be their example every day! Are you a parent who is pregnant with their first child? Or are you a parent with children under the age of 13? Join us for a Parenting Seminar in the weekend of 25th – 27th of June packed with wisdom to encourage you in this endeavour. Read all about the exciting things we have planned below.

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What to expect

We will be featuring interviews with Fernando and Fabricia Oliviera, who moved halfway around the world with their three young children from Brazil to settle in The Netherlands and Peter and Monique Jacobsz; our Zuid-Oost Location Pastors. We have the privilege of hearing from Sanne Buijsrogge who works as an internal counselor at a primary school and has obtained a Master in Special Education Needs. Our senior pastors; Ps Steve and Lizby Warren, will also be joining us for this special seminar.  

With various topics such as conscious christian parenting, embracing change, the art of enjoying your children in the here and now and much more, this seminar is bound to enrich and challenge you in your parenting. 

For you: A parenting box

Do you remember what things were like when you were expecting your first child? You received a very large pregnancy box full of things you thought you did not need. You probably also bought everything from the baby supply list that you received from your midwife, just like we did. Looking back, you might have been just as happy as I was to have the pregnancy box and all that stuff at home already! Most likely you attended a pregnancy preparation course and as a woman you may have received training in (breast)feeding and safe sleeping tips for your newborn. 

We all thought we were more than ready for parenthood. It was a bit disappointing to find out that after the first baby phase, all the knowledge we had gained was no longer relevant and a new phase of parenting started. This time a phase without a box or training…

In this Parenting on the Go! Seminar we want to give you the tools you need for the next phase in the upbringing of your children. And not only that, parents who register will receive a parenting box. Not just filled with great content for both parents and kids, but also a God perspective and Biblical wisdom.

Program & Registration

We realize that finding time to invest in yourself as a parent is scarce and can look different for each family and thus we have created four time slots where you can jump online and join us for this seminar. 

Friday, 25th of June |  7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, 26th of June | 10:00 am – 11:30 am or 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Sunday, 27th of June |  4 :00 – 5.30 pm

You can pick a timeslot and register through Eventbrite.


(including the Parenting box: with something for you, an activity for your kids and a special surprise)


*When you sign up you will be able to pick up a parenting box at your church location. 

Teach your children how to live from an early age. When they have matured, they will continue on the same path. – Proverbs 22: 6 (BB)

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25th - 27th June