Good Friday is coming. It’s a bittersweet celebration: bitter, because our Lord and our God was arrested, beaten, humiliated and ultimately killed by His creation, by us. But so sweet, because of what His sacrifice accomplished.

In going to the cross, being crucified, Jesus took on all our wrongs, our mistakes, even our death, and made it right. Jesus took mankind’s sins on Himself and made us pure, He reconciled us with God, who created us. He did this out of the purest love and deepest compassion, and it redeems us and gives us access to God in heaven. This is why we honour the day on which Jesus died.

We would love to welcome you to an immersive Good Friday experience at C3 Imagine, to remember this special day and to celebrate.

Join us on Good Friday evening and immerse yourself in the world of Jesus’ time , discover more about what it was like to live in this time, experience the Last Supper and the First Communion. Meet some of Jesus’ disciples and eat with them, watch as we are a witness to Christ’s last moments on Earth.

This will be an experience like no other! It will be an immersive experience filled with food, drinks, music and at the centre will be the story of Jesus. It will be an unforgettable evening for you and your friends and family.