Beautiful Minds


It’s almost time for our next Beautiful Minds @home! 

On Saturday December 9th we are recreating what we so loved last year. Beautiful Minds is heading out to our homes. Group leaders across our 3 locations will be hosting more intimate Beautiful Minds gatherings in their home (or someone else’s). 

The feedback from last year was wonderfully encouraging. So we believe, within the smaller setting, you will not only have deeper, meaningful and practical conversations- but you will have the freedom to ask your friends and neighbours to join in your group. 

So let’s gather around a brunch, platter of sushi, High Tea or tapas. You can even step out early and make the hospitality Christmassy! 
Ps Lizby has a message on her heart  – she will come in via pre recorded video with a Beautiful Minds message on the supernatural power of God.  And you can take it deeper in discussion and fun around food, prayer and the Bible. All you need to do is reach out to your group leader and gather your friends for a fresh focus on how to connect deeper with the Holy Spirit in making your mind beautiful and strong. If you are not in a group- please ask your Location Pastor who will help you find one. 

Can’t wait to hear all the stories!! 
Beautiful Minds Team