Beautiful Minds

κοινωνια | The power of doing life together

Each one of us is looking for meaningful friendships. Meaningful conversations. Meaningful moments. Significant encounters with God.

And as good as we might be at simply connecting- many of us struggle to form meaningful relationships that journey with us through the seasons of life.

We see this evening a little like a watering hole: (a place where a natural spring occurs and animals come together to drink! ) It will lead us into significant refreshing encounters with God as we worship and pray but it will also bring meaning to who we are TOGETHER as women in C3 Imagine.

We have called this night- Koinonia- which is the Greek word for fellowship at a meaningful level. God is a knitter- and He knits us to one another so our lives have even greater joy, fulfillment and meaning. This long season of covid has undermined and eroded some key True North values we hold dear. So we are going to continue to counteract that with connection, seeking God and renewing our minds as to how we continue to do life together and not in isolation. Koinonia is all about the Us not the I.

This night will celebrate and honour our groups, take us deeper into the power of life and hospitality around The Table and what it takes to be devoted to one another as a community of Beautiful Minds at C3 Imagine across our locations.

Worship, ministry, stories, yummy snacks and Word. That takes us closer to Him and each other. We really would love you to be there- there is a place especially for you because you matter…very much.

Love Ps Lizby

Friday 25th of March | 7:00 – 9:00pm | Paasheuvelweg 24, Amsterdam

Beautiful Minds | κοινωνια | The power of doing life together